4 cops found guilty in the murder of black Breonna Taylor in America

New charges were filed in the case of Breonna Taylor, a black man who was killed in a police shooting in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. US Attorney General Merrick Garland, in announcing new charges related to the case of Taylor, who died on March 13, 2020, after he was shot by police during a raid at his home, said the accused police The officers were charged with civil rights crimes. , illegal conspiracy, and unconstitutional use of force.

Garland said former police detective Brett Hankinson, who opened fire at the 26-year-old Taylor’s home, had previously been convicted three times in the first degree, and three other police officers involved in the incident were charged with crimes such as fraud. . A search warrant and civil rights violations.

charges against police

Previously, only former Louisville detective Brett Hankinson had been charged in the case, of four police officers involved in Taylor’s shooting death in 2020. In today’s ruling, former Louisville Metropolitan Police Department detectives Joshua Jaynes, Constable Kyle Meaney and Detective Kelly Goodlett charge a search warrant for misrepresenting, exercising civil rights violations, obstruction of justice, destruction and conspiracy. cover was alleged. Former Detective Hankinson, who was previously charged, was charged with firing 10 shots and using excessive force during the incident.

Garland, Department of Justice is committed to protecting and protecting the civil rights of all in this country. This remains the founding objective and essential function of the Ministry. “Today was a big step towards justice,” lawyers for Taylor’s family said, even as the new charges were announced.

their duty has been terminated

A statement provided by the Louisville Police Department said that the firing process of Meaney and Goodlett had begun. Hankinson and Jensin were fired first.

At a previous hearing, former Detective Hankinson was found guilty on the grounds that the bullets fired by him hit another apartment, but the other policemen were found not guilty. Announcing the decision, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the delegation found Hankinson guilty on the grounds that he put the lives of neighbors in the second flat at risk. Saying that the other police officers were found not guilty, Attorney General Cameron also said there was no conclusive evidence that any shots from Hankinson’s gun killed Taylor.

After the court, the protesters protesting the decision took to the streets. Breonna Taylor’s death fueled protests against racial injustice nationwide.

What happened?

On March 13, 2020 in Louisville, Taylor, a 26-year-old black health worker, died of gunshot wounds as a result of a police raid on her home. Police broke down the door of the house and based on a search warrant opened fire with a gun as part of a drug operation and Taylor was killed by the police.

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