2.5 year old Mehmet dies after falling from balcony

While his mother Fahriye Keskinar was cleaning at Kum Mahlesi in Finnice, Mehmet Osman Keskinar fell from the balcony of their house on the fourth floor, where he was playing.

When the mother saw her son falling, she quickly got down. Fahriye Keskiner called the 112 emergency call center and asked for help. A medical team was sent to the spot.

Mehmet Osman Keskiner, who was given first aid, was taken to the Antalya Training and Research Hospital. Despite all the efforts of the doctors, the child could not be saved.

The body of Mehmet Osman Keskinar was taken to the morgue of the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute for post-mortem. It was seen that Uncle Gia Keskiner, who took the body from the morgue, was in great pain. (DHA)

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