19 year old bus missing for 8 days

The bus Karakabak, which had stopped in the hostel of the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services, disappeared on 24 July. After the information of the officials of the organization, the police teams started work. It was determined that Karakabak told his friend that he had fled the hostel and was looking for a place to stay.

While the search for the bus was on, Nermin Kizilskaya said that her daughter last came home in June. Saying that he took his daughter from the hostel when he returned home, Kizalkaya said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry after staying for 3 or 5 days. I don’t feel well at home, I’m going home Well, he writes a note and goes to the police.

When I went to the police station from work, my daughter said that she does not want to be with us, she wants to go to social service. I said ok girl. I was living away from my daughter. “When my daughter is away from us, she will be a little wiser and I acted,” he said.

Explaining that he found out that his daughter went missing after 5 days, Kizalkaya said, “I die every day. Tell me what happens. Make a call, just hang up the phone saying I’m fine , she said. (DHA)

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